Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain freshness of rice ?

Keep in the refrigerator will maintain the quality and freshness of rice.

Avoid the rice exposed to direct sunlight, heat, high humidity, and store in cool dry place.

Why is weevils(bugs) found in my rice ?

Don’t worry, they are not harmful to human health, just wash them away during the rinsing process.

Besides, you may leave the rice under the sun for a while to separate the weevils from the rice.  

The bugs or weevils commonly found in rice packs because bug eggs are deposited onto paddy stalks and are harvested together with the paddy.  So when the weevils are developed, you will find it in your rice.

Can I order rice online ?

No, currently we are unable to accept online order.

What is the best time to visit Sekinchan ?

Harvest season will be start on end of May & end of November. So come early to enjoy the beautiful view of huge paddy farm before harvest season start.

Do I need permit to visit rice mill ?

Currently, only Paddy Gallery is opening for the visitor to explore the collection of artifacts and other objects of paddy and rice industry.

No permit is required. Just purchase entrance ticket to enter Paddy Gallery.

Working hour for our Market

Our market working hour starts from 9am to 5.30pm. (include public holiday & school holiday)

Can I order rice online ?

No, currently we are unable to accept online order.

Besides, you may visit our market to purchase your favourite rice.

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